hei’s sustainability promise:

Uncompromisingly environmental-friendly products: utmost efficiency, solar energy, minimal ecological footprint and the highest quality for long life-span.

Climate Protection

It's HEIs promise to our clients and future generations to develop sustainable lighting and energy solutions with minimized impact on the global climate. We achieve this, by using energy efficient technologies and renewable solar energy as fundamental and irrevocable design defaults.

Every HEI light pole and luminaire is an active contribution to the reduction of CO2-emissions. Within a course of 25 years, CO2-emissions of up to 2 tonnes are avoided by an HEI light pole compared to a modern, but just average-efficient outdoor light pole.

Climate protection from its bright side!

Animal Protection

Nocturnal insects and other animals are attracted by conventional lights with a high UV-proportion. LED largely avoids UV-radiation.

Active environmental protection by intelligent lighting technology!

Less Light Pollution

Light pollution is harmful for humans and nature. And it's a waste of energy. HEI minimizes light pollution (e.g. direct skyglow) due to full cut-off (FCO) luminaire design and perfect light distribution on the street.

The result: illumination, where it should be. On the street. Not of the sky. Beneficial side effect: No energy waste. Improved energy efficiency.

Cost Savings

hei’s cost saving promise:

Solar street lighting with minimized total costs (TCO) due to fair initial costs, no grid-connection, and maintenance-free light poles with excellent efficiency.

New Installations


All HEI lights (AC, solar) are designed to minimize energy consumption and thus electricity and operation costs. And solar powered lights have even "zero" electricity costs.


Because of the outstanding efficiency and uniform light distribution of HEI light poles, the spacing between light poles can be often increased up to twice the distance compared to average-efficient lights. More light with less light poles. A detailed light planning shows the difference.


LEDs have a life expectancy of 50.000 to 70.000 hours. This is up to 20 times longer, then conventional lighting technologies (gas discharging lamps, etc.). No more need for costly bulb replacement. Moreover: LEDs don't attract insects. All in all: significantly longer cleaning intervals. Significantly less maintenance costs


Solar light poles save additional costs. Self-sustainability makes cabling redundant. No cabling means no costs for earthworks for cabling and cable conduit construction. Expensive restoration of surfaces becomes unnecessary.


Conventional solar light poles with flat panel technology have to be cleaned several times a year (e.g. on the Arabian Peninsula every four to six weeks) to remove dirt deposits and to secure energy yield. HEIs outstanding, cylindrically shaped PV technology avoids dirt deposits and thus costly maintenance.

Replacement & Retrofit


For sites with already existing and functioning cabling (and poles) or for replacements of inefficient light heads, we recommend HEI's high-efficiency AC luminaires.

Because of the paramount efficiency and excellent uniform light distribution of HEI's LED outdoor luminaires, one can save up to 85 percent of the energy consumption by replacing or avoiding conventional luminaires (e.g. gas discharging lights).


The replacement saves money, not just because of the reduced energy consumption, but by the significantly lower maintenance costs by avoiding bulb exchanges. Depending on the electricity costs (price per kWh), this results in a return on investment (ROI) within two to seven years.
Replacement of conventional lights heads often makes sense, even at sites, where the old-technology luminaires were installed recently.

Existing lightReplacementEnergy saving
Flour tube, 36 Watt Antares 2000 68%
HPQ (Mercury), 80 Watt Antares 4000 85%
HPQ (Mercury), 125 Watt Antares 4000 83%
HPQ (Mercury), 250 Watt Antares 8000 83%
HPS (Sodium), 50 Watt Antares 2000 77%
HPS (Sodium), 70 Watt Antares 4000 72%
HPS (Sodium), 100 Watt Antares 8000 59%
HPS (Sodium), 150 Watt Antares 8000 72%
HPS (Sodium), 250 Watt Antares 16000 66%
HPS (Sodium), 400 Watt 2 x Antares 16000 60%

Reliability & Quality

hei’s reliability & quality promise:

Premium products from the heart of Europe, Austrian engineering based on long-time experience, outstanding quality and reliability for long life-span.

Hybrid Power Supply

HEI solar lights are self-sustaining. But for sites outside the worlds sun belt, it might be useful, to have a backup system for long times of low solar irradiation, such as winter time.
Most of HEI's solar lights can be equipped with such a backup system, called "hybrid power supply".

The main and primary energy source is still the sun. But at times, when the charging level of the battery is becoming too low (because of bad weather conditions for long time and thus insufficient energy yields of the PV element), the hybrid box switches the energy supply from battery (solar) to AC grid. As soon as the solar supply is sufficient again, the battery is recharged, the hybrid box is switching back to solar.

Sun as main energy source. AC grid as backup.

Operation Autonomy

HEI solar light poles are self-sustaining systems without AC grid connection. The sole energy source is the sun. Solar energy is collected by the PV module during the day and stored in a battery. To secure perfect operation of the lights even at bad weather conditions (rain, winter, etc.), HEI solar lights are designed to bridge several days of bad weather with reduced energy yield from the sun.


Bridging reduced energy yields is done by an appropriate dimensioned battery with sufficient capacity to store enough energy for full light operation for several nights. Assuming absolutely no energy yields during the day (not very realistic even at very bad weather) and at full brightness, even then, the light could be in full operation for three to four nights (typically around 30 hours) without recharging. We call this (theoretical) parameter the static operational autonomy.


But HEI solar lights offer an additional feature, which extends operational autonomy up to the threefold of the static operational autonomy. The smart computer control monitors the charging level of the battery and the energy yield of the PV element permanently. By a unique algorithm, invented by HEI, the brightness of the light is adjusted to the weather conditions and the battery status dynamically. Thus, saving energy and reducing the operation autonomy significantly. By this, HEI ensure a dynamic operational autonomy of typically ten nights. Usually more than enough operational autonomy, to bridge bad weather periods.

Quality Assurance

It's HEIs claim, to deliver products with excellent reliability and quality. All our products are extensively checked, before shipped and deployed.

HEI products fulfil all of the required certificates. For details see data sheets here.


hei’s technological promise:

Cutting-edge products and pioneering innovations in efficient and solar outdoor lighting. Committed to continuous R&D and newest technologies.

Pole-Integrated Photovoltaics

HEI uses cylindrically shaped, patented photovoltaic elements for its solar lighting systems. With convincing arguments compared to flat panel photovoltaic solutions:

  • Less dirt deposits. Less maintenance costs.
  • Less wind load. Less pole costs.
  • Safe against theft.
  • Pretty design.

In desert regions, such as the Arabian Peninsula, flat PV panels must be cleaned every four to six weeks and after every sand storm. Despite low labour costs in these regions, this causes significant maintenance costs. Moreover, parking trucks for cleaning on street are a safety risk and can cause congestions.

The higher initial costs of HEIs' advanced PV technology compared to conventional flat panel PV modules are in most cases compensated by the significantly lower maintenance costs.

Cool Head Technology

Cool means efficient. We keep our light heads and LED chips cool. Due to an excellent thermal management and a low LED driving current of maximum 350 mA (420 mA) we keep the junction temperature of the LEDs at a moderate low temperature level, even at high ambient air temperatures. Thus optimizing the light output and the life-expectancy of our LED luminaires.

Our Cool head technology (CHT) - one more contribution to reliable products with utmost efficiency!

High-Efficient LED Technology

185 lumen per Watt. Excellent light distribution. HEI uses for its luminaires the most efficient LED technology available on market nowadays, to achieve best energy efficiency and thus minimizing electricity costs and environmental impact.

The LED light output of up to 185 lumen / Watt is paramount and about 40 to 80 percent above the output of conventional LEDs. Moreover, HEI has designed a secondary LED optics, with an excellent light output ratio of more than 85 percent and a uniformity of the light distribution on the street, which offers unequalled opportunities.

HEI luminaires with outstanding efficiency. More light with less luminaires.

Dynamic Light Control

Most of HEI's outdoor lights (AC, solar) offer optional DLC Dynamic Light Control by integrated motion detectors. The luminaire is dimmed down and only turned on to full brightness, when pedestrians, bicycles, cars, etc. pass by and full light is really needed. This saves energy and contributes to less light pollution.

Moreover, all HEIs solar lighting systems are equipped with an intelligent, microprocessor integrated control unit. Different light profiles can be chosen and pre-set, to optimize the illumination at certain night times regarding the individual needs.

Light at the right time.


hei’s design promise:

Award-winning product design, project specific lighting design according to international standards, customized product-design for specific requirements.


The straightforward forms and the aesthetics of our lights are perfect for modern, quality architecture in the public and private environment.

The modular design of solar lights allows for adaptations in design as well as in functionality.

The symbiosis of design and functionality has a name: hei solar light™.

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Customized Light Poles

HEI Solar Light manufactures customer-specific and project-specific solutions as well. The modular structure of our solar light poles allows for individual adaptations with respect to both design and functionality.

The lights can be adapted to the respective design specifications, technical requirements and climatic conditions of the location.

Learn more about customized designs