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Revolutionising new and retrofit street lighting projects, our groundbreaking innovation hei libertas solar energy tubes are recognised as category winner of Parking, Roadway and Area Luminaires.

ANATAR solar light poles

Project: 435 units for luxurious villa community Nad Al Sheba 3 - Dubai, UAE

The anatar family consists of 13 versions of self-sustaining and maintenance-free solar light poles, covering all main kinds of outdoor lighting applications such as pathways, secondary roads and highways.

ANATAR product family

MIRA solar light poles

PROJECT: 583 units for solar illuminated cycling track - Hamad, Doha / Qatar

Mira is a family of decorative, self-sustaining and maintenance-free solar light poles for outdoor lighting applications such as residential streets, bicycle tracks or parking sites.

MIRA product family

CHAMP solar light poles

PROJECT: Solar illuminated walkway - Kobe / Japan

A decorative, self-sustaining and maintenance-free solar light pole for professional architectural outdoor lighting applications such as squares, promenades and boulevards.

CHAMP product family

Schweizerhalle - Basel, Switzerland

Solar lighting for walkway and bicycle track

hei solar light poles Mira 4000 P200-215 illuminate recreational areas outside Basel.

Project accomplished: 2018

Local partner: Savenergy Light Solutions

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with 10 years of product innovation!

Welcome at hei, the pioneer of efficient and solar outdoor lighting!

Back in 2007, hei has started the development of solar light poles with integrated, cylindrical photovoltaic elements. Thanks to our clients, who are sharing our passion and vision for innovation and sustainable products, within just a decade hei became a leading provider of solar light poles, high-efficiency LED luminaires, customized lighting columns and multifunctional poles for smart cities.

Keep on enjoying hei products! Keep on enjoying sustainability!

Dr. Dieter Hornbachner, Founder and MD

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to best fit your project!

With inspiration towards solutions, from studies to production!

With hei's long time market presence, experience and knowledge, your project is given support in all steps. This is the reason, why prominent architectural firms, lighting designers and urban planners choose hei.

Help us bring your ideas to light!

Main road, Croatia

SOLAR LIGHT POLES anatar 8000 P200

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria

SOLAR LIGHT POLES champ NG 190-2400

Royal Abby of Santa Maria de Poblet, Spain

SOLAR LIGHT POLES champ NG 190-2400

Waterfront and pool area, Australia

SOLAR LIGHT POLES mira 190-2400


all over the world!

From illuminating the smallest parking lot, to providing light to huge public squares, we have introduced efficient and environmental-friendly solar lighting to the world.

Our ambitious design approach can be fulfilled only with products with utmost effiiciency, long life-expectancy, minimal maintenance efforts and least possible operating costs. This are the reasons, why our customers all over the world enjoy our products.

Protect your budget. Protect the environment. Go for hei high-reliability outdoor luminaires.

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It's heiĀ“s claim, to design and manufacture the most reliable, efficient and technologically advanced products.

Since the foundation of the company in 2001, we have evolved into a global leader in providing highly efficient solar lighting products.

hei develops and produces all its products in Vienna, Austria, ensuring all the highest quality standards. Our experienced team of designers and engineers approach every project individually, providing you the highest possible level of perfection.

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